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Optimizely Feature Experimentation - application and migration

Introduces the new experience for Optimizely Feature Experimentation.

Optimizely Full Stack Experimentation is evolving. Optimizely is excited to deliver the benefits of a newly redesigned application and API experience for Optimizely Full Stack with a new name: Optimizely Feature Experimentation. Our new Optimizely Feature Experimentation experience has been the default experience for new projects and Free Rollouts accounts since its launch in February 2021.

Optimizely Experimentation offers a migration path for your existing Legacy projects throughout 2022-2024.

Feature Experimentation flags view

Optimizely Feature Experimentation offers simplified workflows, models, and APIs for experimenting with and delivering new experiences to your end users. It also provides a significantly more performant editing and management experience when working with feature flags at scale. See the video below for a walk-through and a deeper dive into specific workflow differences and new capabilities within the new platform.

Optimizely Feature Experimentation upgrade information

Contact your customer success manager for information on your project's upgrade eligibility.


Review the Feature Experimentation application migration documentation for more information