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Resource types

Describes resource types that are available for working with content in the CMS.



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Working with Content is the primary purpose of a Content Management System (CMS) where content can represent webpages, components, media, or almost any other type.

The CMS has features and resources to let you create and manage content and let developers create the desired experiences.

The following main resource types manage content.


The following metadata fields are common across most resources in the CMS.



Not all fields are present on all resource types. Also, the API field name is not always exactly reflected in SDKs.

  • key – A string identifying a resource in the API.
  • displayName – A user-friendly name for the resources intended to be displayed to end users.
  • description – A description of the resource intended to be displayed to end users.
  • sortOrder – A relative index is used in some listings to define the order of resources.
  • created – A timestamp indicating when someone first created the resource.
  • createdBy – The username of the person who first created the resource.
  • lastModified – A timestamp indicating when someone last modified the resource.