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Property format

Describes the Property format resource and how to work with them.



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A property format is a set of rules that apply to a content type property. It can define validation rules, which editor to use, and settings for that editor.

A property format is associated with a specific data type.

The available property formats are limited to formats defined by Optimizely Content Management System (CMS) and cannot be modified.

The property format resource contains the following fields:

KeykeyA string identifying the property group in the API.
Data typedataTypeThe data type that this format can be applied to. Must be one of the data types. See [Link to data types].
Display namedisplayNameA user-friendly name for the group that is displayed to end users.
EditoreditorA relative index used in some listings to define the order of property groups.

Pre-defined formats

The following formats represents pre-defined behaviors in the system. You can assign these to a content type property when such a behavior is preferable.

KeyData typeDescription
htmlstringIndicates that the HTML editor should be used to edit the property.
urlstringIndicates that the string must be a vaid URI and that the URL selector should be used when editing the string.
selectOnestringIndicates that the string should be one of a list of pre-defined values.
selectManystringIndicates that the string should be one or more values of a list of pre-defined values.

Work with property formats

List property formats

Retrieve a list of all property formats through the Property Format API.

GET https://example.com/_cms/v1/propertyformats
        "key": "html",
        "dataType": "string",
        "displayName": "HTML",
        "editor": "tinyMCE"
        "key": "switch",
        "dataType": "boolean",
        "displayName": "Switch",
        "editor": "bool-switch"

Get a property format

Retrieve a specific property format through the Property Format API using its unique key.

GET https://example.com/_cms/v1/propertyformats/html
    "key": "html",
    "dataType": "string",
    "displayName": "HTML",
    "editor": "tinyMCE"