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DXP requirements

Describes the requirements for cloud-compatible software, tools and services used when working with Optimizely Digital Experience Platform (DXP).

This topic describes the requirements for cloud-compatible software, tools, and services used when working with Optimizely Digital Experience Platform (DXP). This information is useful to ensure your development environment is compatible with the deployment process and the Azure resources. 

Previous knowledge of cloud-based development, particularly Microsoft Azure, is valuable for getting the most out of DXP. See Microsoft Azure to learn more.



  • You can run only one Web Application (ASP.NET Web Application project) in your DXP solution. However, you can have unlimited number of sites in that application.
  • To ensure maximum availability and scaling flexibility, Optimizely Search & Navigation (formerly Find) uses dynamic IP ranges. For example, if you require whitelisting of IP addresses in the firewall, make sure that your firewall supports domain-based allowlisting.

Required software versions

The following overview shows the minimum required versions for Optimizely products and modules, and tools and services for deploying to the integration environment. See Install Optimizely updates for information about upgrading Optimizely solutions.

Software/service Lowest version Comment
Optimizely CMS EPiServer.CMS.UI.Core 11.1.0, EPiServer.CMS.Core 11.2.1  *
Optimizely Search & Navigation EPiServer.Find 13.0.3  *
Optimizely Commerce EPiServer.Commerce 11.5.0  *
Optimizely Cloud CMS EPiServer.CloudPlatform.Cms 1.3.0 For healthcheck and warmup
Optimizely Community API (formerly Social)    
Optimizely Marketing Automation    
Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 For creating and deploying sites.
Optimizely CMS Visual Studio extension 11.x For creating and deploying sites.
Microsoft SQL Database 12 For creating bacpac files for database transfers.
Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 12.0.4213.0 (2014 SP1) For creating bacpac files for database transfers.

(This only applies to new solutions onboarding DXP; it does not apply to solutions already on DXP.)



EPiServer.CloudPlatform.Cms causes a routing exception if any custom routes are set unless you add the following to appSettings in web.config (CMS 11):
<add key="episerver:healthcheck:maphttpattributeroutes" value="false" />

The following features are not supported within Optimizely DXP:

  • Optimizely Mirroring
  • Windows Workflow Foundation (WF)
  • Optimizely Search (default search; uninstall the NuGet package to remove from your solution before deployment. Optimizely Search & Navigation is included.)
  • Solr Search Provider (use Optimizely Search & Navigation)

Deployment tools

You can deploy using deployment tools for a version-controlled team development environment or through Visual Studio using the Optimizely extensions and publish profiles. You can use any deployment tool that supports Azure Resource Manager (ARM); see Deploy Code Changes.

Supported apps (add-ons)



You must install add-on modules to the integration environment through Visual Studio to work with the DXP deployment process. Do not change the default configuration that disables users from installing to production.

Unsupported apps (add-ons)

The following add-ons are not supported in Optimizely DXP.

  • Optimizely CMO
  • Optimizely Mail
  • Optimizely Relate
  • Optimizely Search