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Deploy code changes

Describes the continuous deployment of code changes from your local development environment to the Integration environment in Optimizely Digital Experience Platform (DXP).


When is this applicable?

Follow this procedure for an existing site running in the Integration environment, to which you want to deploy code updates. This can be done incrementally to upgrade your site during the development process, after a first-time deployment. See DXP self-deployment guide.

You can deploy code changes continuously using either Deployment API or using deployment tools for version-controlled source code.

Deploy using Deployment API

Deploying the code changes using the Deployment API is currently the recommended approach for publishing application code to a DXP Environment. See Deployment API for an overview and instructions on how to use the API.

Deploy from a version-controlled environment 

If you work in a development team using version control for your source code, you can use any deployment tool such as Octopus Deploy, Visual Studio Team Services or Azure DevOps and Optimizely deployment API  (blog post by Anders Wahlqvist) for instructions on how to integrate Deployment API to CI/CD pipeline such as Azure DevOps.

Related blog post: Azure DevOps and Episerver (Optimizely) deployment API  (Anders Wahlqvist)