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Batcher and CSV parser utilities

Learn how to batch API calls and parse CSV files with Optimizely Connect Platform (OCP) utilities.

Optimizely Connect Platform (OCP) has utilities to help you batch API calls and parse CSV files.


Batcher makes it easy to batch API calls that support arrays of records or call structures. See SDK Docs.

Sample Batcher

import { z } from '@zaius/node-sdk';
import {Transformer} from './Transformer';
import { logger, Batcher } from '@zaius/app-sdk';
import {Contact} from '../lib/Vendor';

export class ContactTransformer implements Transformer<Contact> {
  private customerBatch = new Batcher(z.customer);

  public async transform(contact: BrontoContact): Promise<boolean> {
    await this.customerBatch.append(this.transformContactToCustomer(contact));
    return false;

  public async flush() {
    try {
      await this.customerBatch.flush();
    } catch (e) {
      logger.error('Error in sending to Zaius:', e);

  private async transformContactToCustomer(contact: Contact): CustomerPayload {
  return {
    identifiers: {
      phone: contact.mobileNumber
    attributes: {
      // customer attributes to map

CSV parser

Use OCP's CsvStream SDK to parse CSV files.