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Authenticate with ODP APIs

This topic describes how to authenticate with Optimizely Data Platform's (ODP's) APIs.

API Apps

All API requests made by your apps and integrations must include the following headers to list your app on the OCP directory.

z-app-idthe unique app id of our app, used to identify it within Optimizelyshopify
z-app-versionthe version of your app1.0.0

Public API Key

A public API key is limited in that it only allows developers to "push" data to ODP to limit exposure of PII and private information.

The simplest way to get the Public API key for an ODP client account is to request that the client login to ODP and go to Account Settings → APIs and share it with you.

Private API Key

At this time, Optimizely does not recommend that clients share their private API keys with external developers.



If your app requires a private API key, please contact our team at [email protected] and describe your use cases. We may be able to build a hosted app to address private API key functionality on your behalf.

Hosted Apps

OAuth Install via OCP Directory

OAuth Install outside OCP Directory (on your store)