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This topic describes the assets/ folder as it pertains to your application in Optimizely Connect Platform (OCP).

The assets/ directory contains static content for your app's store listing.


These svg files are used when presenting your app across the store listing and ODP dashboards.

  • assets/logo.svg is displayed on your app card in the directory. Recommended size: 150x50px.
  • assets/icon.svg is for Channel apps; a small image presented when selecting a Channel for your Campaign. Recommended size: 32x32px.


The content of this file is rendered to the app's Overview tab, which is presented when a user clicks through to your app from the directory.

Best Practices

Include the following items in your overview:

  • What the app is used for
  • Benefits and screen shots of use cases
  • How to install and use
  • Data added/changed due to this application
  • Periodicity of imports (if applicable)


The directory/ supports GitHub-flavored markdown for formatting. To learn more, refer to the GFM documentation.