Optimizely will be sunsetting Full Stack Experimentation on July 29, 2024. See the recommended Feature Experimentation migration timeline and documentation.

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Quickstarts - Full Stack

Simple guides to help you get started with Optimizely Full Stack and Rollouts.

To create your first feature flag for a rollout or an experiment, follow a language-specific quickstart guide below:

Want a quick overview of what you can do with Optimizely Full Stack and Rollouts? Check out these resources.

Feature flags with Optimizely60-second, high-level video
Interactive tutorial, featuring Flappy Bird3-minute interactive gameplay tutorial.
Click through steps to experiment with features in the game.
5 Powerful Capabilities of Optimizely4-minute video explaining key features



Join the Optimizely Community. Ask questions and discuss best practices for feature flags and experimentation in Optimizely's Slack Community.