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Activate notification listener

This topic describes the activate notification listener, which has been mostly replaced by the DECISION notification listener.


The ACTIVATE notification listener is deprecated in Go 1.0 and higher, and 3.1.0 and higher versions of all other SDKs. The DECISION notification listener replaces the ACTIVATE notification listener. However, ACTIVATE continues to have one use that is not covered by the DECISION notification listener. It enables you to send only impression-emitting decisions with context about experiment variation and impression information to third-party analytics providers, whereas DECISION listeners send event information without impression contextual information.


The ACTIVATE notification listener sends a stream of only impression-emitting decisions for experiments. If you want a stream of all decisions for any feature flags, without impression contextual information, use the DECISION notification listener.


The following tables show the information provided to the notification listener when it is triggered:

experimentExperimentContains fields such as key, status, audience IDs, variations, traffic allocation, forced variations.
user IDstringThe user ID.
attributes (optional)mapA map of custom key-value string pairs specifying attributes for the user that are used for audience targeting. Non-string values are only supported in the 3.0 SDK and above.
variationVariationContains keys such as id, key, and array of variables.
eventLogEventSee Track notification listener topic for more information.


For example code, see the notification listener topic in your SDK language.