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Install SDK

This topic describes the steps necessary to install the Optimizely Android SDK into your application.

The Android SDK is distributed through Maven Central. The android-sdk package is available on MavenCentral.

To add the android-sdk and all modules to your project, include this line in your app's build.gradle in the dependencies block:

implementation 'com.optimizely.ab:android-sdk:3.13.1'



Optimizely previously distributed the Android SDK through Bintray/JCenter. But, as of April 27, 2021, Bintray/JCenter will become a read-only repository indefinitely and the publish repository has been migrated to MavenCentral for the SDK version 3.10.1 and later. Older versions will still be available in JCenter.

We currently integrate with these parsers (listed in their selection order priority):

The default parser is GSON. You can easily add an exclude and include the version you would like to use.

repositories {

dependencies {
  implementation 'com.optimizely.ab:android-sdk:3.13.1' 

The full source code is at android-sdk on GitHub.