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Datafile management FAQ

I enabled my feature but it’s not updating.

  • Check that the SDK instance is created from the correct SDK key (it should be the one for the environment you’re changing in the app or API)
  • Check the polling update interval. If it’s large, perhaps the new datafile hasn’t yet been requested.

A proxy is interfering with datafile requests.

  • You can customize the URL from which the datafile is requested (see specific SDK docs for details on how to configure this).
  • External tools can sometimes help (for example, this package global-agent for Node.js allows setting a global proxy for all http requests in a Node.js process).

The process is experiencing memory leaks.

  • Datafile management (and event batching as well) starts a background thread, process, or timer (language / platform dependent).
  • To stop the background thread, instances must be closed before being disposed of; otherwise they may leak memory.

I'm seeing JS + browser network or JSON parsing errors.

  • Check for ad blockers or cross-origin request blockers. These could block or modify datafile requests made by the SDK, leading to errors.

General advice: Look for datafile management log messages.

  • Some messages occur only at the DEBUG level.