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Optimizely Web Experimentation REST API

Introduces the Optimizely Web Experimentation REST API.

Optimizely API lets you manage your Optimizely Web Experimentation projects using code. The REST API is an interface for managing and extending the functionality of Optimizely Web Experimentation. For example, instead of creating and maintaining projects using the Optimizely Web Experimentation dashboard, you can create an experiment programmatically. Additionally, if you prefer to run custom analysis on experiment results, you can leverage the API to pull data from Optimizely Web Experimentation into your own workflow.

Applications built on the REST API have access to Optimizely Web Experimentation's data and services like Stats Engine and customer profiles. Developers can integrate Optimizely Web Experimentation into their workflows, customize features and further extend functionality. Many of our technology partners have built integrations using the REST API.

To see a full list of endpoints supported in the REST API, see Optimizely API. If you are using the REST API for the first time, go to Get started with REST API, which walks through how to make your first API call.