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Integrate AT Internet

This topic describes how to integrate AT Internet with Optimizely Web Experimentation and gain insights into how visitors behave in specific experiments and variations.

Relevant products:

  • Optimizely Web Experimentation
  • Optimizely Web Personalization

If you use AT Internet and Optimizely Web Experimentation, you can enable the AT Internet integration to merge your Optimizely experiment and variation data in AT Internet with your other dimensions and metrics from your web analytics.

The integration between AT Internet and Optimizely Web Experimentation will help you understand your visitors' visit duration, bounce rate, etc.

To get the AT Internet integration up and running, see the integration code and Custom analytics integrations in Optimizely. You can also contact your Optimizely support or Customer Success Manager for help to get the integration running.

You can also look at AT Internet's page on Optimizely Web Experimentation, where they detail the integration and how to look at the results in the Analytics Suite 2.



AT Internet built this integration, so contact them for further support, through their website.