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Query parameters

You can use URL parameters to modify the execution of Optimizely Web Experimentation on your page.

Below is a list of all the supported URL parameters available.


Disables Optimizely on the page.


Impersonate audiences

Comma-separated list of audience IDs to "impersonate".


Override variations

Comma-separated list of variation IDs to bucket. If set overrides any variations, the visitor is in "naturally". If this parameter is set, it disables tracking events.


Opt out

Removes a visitor from Optimizely Web Experimentation tracking (sets cookie to persist).


Force tracking

Sends tracking events even if client is in preview or forcevariations/force_audiences are present. Does _not override disable tracking API.



Prints execution info to your browser console. The possible values (case-insensitive) for the parameter are:

OFF/FALSE: No logs
ERROR: Errors only
WARN: Warning and above
INFO/TRUE: Info and above
DEBUG: Debug and above
ALL: All logs


View draft or paused experiments

Allows anyone to view draft or paused experiments for QA.