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Enable an integration

Describes how to build an app using Optimizely APIs.

Optimizely integrates with more than 30 Technology Partners, including analytics solutions, data management platforms, content management systems, e-commerce platforms, conversion tracking solutions, and more. Many of these applications (apps, sometimes called add-ons or integrations) are built entirely using public Optimizely APIs. In this section, you'll find some common use cases for integrating with Optimizely and all the developer resources you need to build an integration.

Are you a current Optimizely customer interested in building a custom app for your own use case? Go to App types to understand the different ways of integrating with Optimizely.

Are you a prospective Technology Partner interested in building an integration with Optimizely? Read the Technology partners section to understand the required steps to get your app built, approved, and launched by Optimizely.

If you have questions about building apps, you can submit a ticket to the developer support team.

Enable an integration in Optimizely

To enable an app (integration) in Optimizely Web Experimentation:

  1. Go to Settings > Integrations
  2. Select your desired integration.
  3. Toggle the integration to On.
  4. Click Accept on the Turn on Integration window.
  5. (Optional) Select Enable the integration by default for all new experiments.



    This option is not available for all integrations, as some integrations require additional configuration steps for each experiment.

  6. Click Save.