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Migrating from Classic

This topic describes an overview of the differences between Optimizely Classic and Optimizely Web Experimentation (fka Optimizely X)

Migrating from Optimizely Classic to Optimizely Web Experimentation

Optimizely Web Experimentation comes with a brand-new JavaScript API. The API offers improved performance and added features. We also incorporated all the new features that Optimizely Web Experimentation offers into the new JavaScript API (like Pages).

There are two components to migrating your JavaScript code:

  1. Reading data from the Optimizely object on the page
  2. Controlling the execution of Optimizely with functions

Both components are similar in Optimizely Web Experimentation and Optimizely Classic, but some details have changed. In cases where it was possible, we implemented a legacy function so that your application will continue to work. In some cases, a small change will be required if you migrate from Optimizely Classic to Optimizely Web Experimentation due to new features that were added.

When your Optimizely snippet is in "Bundled" mode, it means that Optimizely Classic is active as well as Optimizely Web Experimentation. The functions that work in both platforms will execute for both Optimizely Classic as well as Optimizely Web Experimentation in a bundled state.