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Access Optimizely export data via Amazon S3

The Results Export and Raw Events Export are only available to customers with Business and Enterprise plans.

Optimizely can provide you with a set of credentials you can use to access our Amazon S3 bucket. We need to transmit these credentials in a secure way—so emailing them won't suffice!

We use PGP encryption to facilitate secure transmission for Amazon S3 credentials. Here's the step-by-step process to acquire credentials:

  1. Generate a public and private PGP key.
  2. File a support ticket to request access to the data export service. Make sure to include your public PGP key in your ticket. Do not provide your private PGP key.
  3. Optimizely Support will send you an encrypted file with your Amazon S3 credentials.
  4. Decrypt the credentials from Optimizely Support.