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## Prerequisites

It's recommended to upgrade the website to .NET Framework 4.5 and update NuGet packages to corresponding 7.5.x version:

  • EPiServer.CMS.Core should be updated to 7.14 or later version.

  • CMO should be updated to 7.5.446.2 or later version.

### Upgrading CMO

  1. It is recommended to run the following command in order to move all the protected modules and add-ons (including CMO and Live Monitor) to a new location in the /modules/\_protected directory: **Move-EPiServerProtectedModules**

  2. Update EPiServer CMS platform and CMO by running the Update-Package commands. Make sure that you run the Update-Package EPiServer.Cmo first for correct update order: **Update-Package EPiServer.Cmo** **Update-Package EPiServer.Cms**

  3. Update the CMS database to the latest version by running the following command: **Update-EPiDatabase**

  4. Optional: Install the latest Live Monitor package. The new EPiServer CMO doesn't have a direct dependency on Live Monitor. Live Monitor package for EPiServer 7.5 may be removed by NuGet when upgrading the CMO package to the latest version. **Install-Package EPiServer.LiveMonitor**

  5. Optional: Configure Live Monitor and related components. Basically you need to add assembly redirects for SignalR components and define **EPiServerLiveMonitorOWINStartup** as a startup value. This step is required only if you have the latest Live Monitor installed.

  6. Rebuild the solution.