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Optimizely offers many options for extending solutions through different APIs, apps (also known as add-ons and integrations), and code contributions. Apps are developed and maintained by the Optimizely developer community.

The following types of verified apps are available:

  • **Optimizely Verified Apps** – products and features developed and owned by Optimizely and supported version to version.

  • **Verified Technology Partners** – apps provided by [Technology Partners](🔗) with a signed agreement. These apps go through the Episerver verification testing program, and are made available through the [Optimizely App Directory](🔗).

  • **Community Developed Apps** – developed by [Solutions Partners](🔗), [OMVP’s](🔗), or anyone in the Optimizely community. Available as open source in the [Optimizely NuGet feed](🔗), or on [GitHub](🔗).

Want to become an Optimizely partner? See [Optimizely Partner Network](🔗).