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You can access Optimizely Content Management System (CMS) settings through the use of a configuration class. All settings are typed members of this class, which gives the added benefit of being able to access all settings through Intellisense. The class responsible for serving application settings is [EPiServer.Configuration.Settings.Instance](🔗), defined as:

Accessing the settings through the use of the `Instance` property lists settings for the application.

The following example shows how to read and present application settings by using `EPiServer.Configuration.Settings.Instance`.


Reading the Optimizely CMS settings programmatically slows down the website.

### Code-behind in ApplicationSettingsPage.aspx.cs

### Markup in ApplicationSettingsPage.aspx

The output from this code should resemble something like the following (depending on the actual configuration):

The UI URL~/EpiServerTest/ui/