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The Full-text Search Service applies to Optimizely Content Management System (CMS 11) and is not supported on Optimizely Digital Experience Platform (DXP) and other cloud service deployments. It is a legacy feature that will be removed in future versions. **This section is not supported for ASP.NET Core-based applications.**

The Optimizely Content Management System (CMS) full-text search service (FTS Service) configuration is found in the `EPiServer.Search.IndexingService` section of _web.config_ and is accessible through properties on `EPiServer.Search.IndexingService.IndexingServiceSettings`. Most of the values have defaults and are not required. The following tables show section and element names and their defaults.

## IndexingServiceSection

AttributeTypeDefault ValueComment
fipsCompliantboolfalseSets to true whether search service must comply with the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS).
maxDisplayTextLengthint500Maximum number of characters allowed in the `DisplayText` field. If `DisplayText` field exceeds this length, search truncates the content and adds the remaining part to the Metadata field.
maxHitsForReferenceSearchint10000Maximum number of search results to return internally within the service when you update referenced documents or virtual path nodes.
maxHitsForSearchResultsint1000Maximum number of search results to return internally within the service when you prepare a search response.
clientsClientCollectionA collection of **client** elements that define which clients can communicate with the indexing service.
namedIndexesNamedIndexesElementContains the collection of indexes and defines the default index to be used.

## Client element

Each `client` element contains an IP address or address range from which clients are allowed to connect to the indexing service.

NameTypeDefault ValueComment
allowLocalboolfalseIndicates whether the service should accept connection from all local interfaces.
descriptionstring Description associated with this client.
ipAddressstring IPv4 address or range used to authenticate the client.
ip6Addressstring IPv6 address or range used to authenticate the client.
namestringRequired **key attribute**, <br>no default valueName of the configured client that have access to this service.
readonlyboolRequired, no default valueIndicates whether the client can modify the index.

## NamedIndexes element

The `namedIndexes` element acts as a container for the index collection. This element only has the attribute `defaultIndex`, which should reference one of the indexes in the `indexes` collection. The referenced index is the one that is used if no specific index is requested.

NameTypeDefault ValueComment
defaultIndexstringRequired, no default valueName of the configured named index that is the default index to use.
indexesNamedIndexCollectionContainer for a collection of `NamedIndex` elements.

## NamedIndex element

Each index element defines settings for one index hosted by the indexing service.

NameTypeDefault ValueComment
directoryPathstringRequired **key attribute**, <br>no default valuePath where the associated Lucene index files are stored.
namestringRequired **key attribute**, <br>no default valueName of the index.
pendingDeletesOptimizeThresholdint100The number of delete operations that occur before the index is optimized.
readonlyboolfalseIndicates whether the named index can be modified.
aclFieldInResponsebooltrueIndicates whether the contents of the respective fields are included in the search response.