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This example applies to CMS UI 11.21.1 and higher.

This scenario shows how to extend the `HyperLink` editor descriptor and use the TinyMCE custom link dialog to let an editor create links relative to the site. For example, if the site host is `www.alloydemo.com` and the relative link is `news/my-video`, the link will redirect to `www.alloydemo.com/news/my-video`.

  1. Register a new `EditorDescriptor` for `HyperLink UIHint`. Set the `EditorDescriptorBehavior` to `PlaceLast`. As a result, the original descriptor will be executed first, and we can apply custom settings.

  1. In the `ModifyMetadata` method, register the new provider. It will be used to handle custom relative links.

The `Provider` requires a `WidgetType`, which is a Dojo widget class used to edit the value of the new provider. In this case, it is a standard `ValidationTextbox`. After running the site, we should see a dialog box with an additional **Site relative link** field.

  1. To make relative links work in TinyMCE, set the convert\_urls setting to false, to prevent TinyMCE from converting the value.