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The **<staticFile>** tag controls caching for media assets; the content produced by editors in edit view.

The [Configure CMS](🔗)topic describes the syntax used in the description of the configuration elements.


The `staticFile` element is optional. The following default configuration values are set in code and are overridden if other values are specified in the _web.config_ file.

NameDefault valueDescription
[cacheControl](🔗)autoThe cache policy to be used for static files. Possible values are **auto** or one of the values [HttpCacheability found att MSDN.com](🔗). <br>If the value is set to **auto**, the actual cache policy to be used is calculated for each request. If the request is made by an authenticated user, the cache policy will be `HttpCacheability.Private`, otherwise `HttpCacheability.Public`.
[enableOutputCache](🔗)falseDefines if the output cache is used.
[expirationTime](🔗)12:0:0`TimeSpan` that is added to `DateTime.UtcNow` to calculate the `Expires` HTTP header value.