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There are a number of pre-built connectors available for integrating Optimizely with common MA tools. This section describes how to install and configure components needed to set up an MA integration.

## Requirements

You need an account and live connection for the desired MA product (see list below), and an [Optimizely Content Management System (CMS) site](🔗) with [Optimizely Forms](🔗) installed.

The MA components are [installed through NuGet packages and Visual Studio](🔗).

Install the following for the MA integration:

  • The **Forms connector** ([EPiServer.Marketing.Automation.Forms](🔗)) to get the integration between Optimizely Forms and the MA connector.

  • The **MA connector** to connect with the desired marketing automation product (see list below).

See [Add-ons platform compatibility](🔗) for the specific NuGet packages to install and supported Optimizely versions.

## web.config

From _EPiServer.ConnectForMarketingAutomation 5.5.1_ onwards, configure the following section _web.config_.

## Digital Experience Hub

The Optimizely Digital Experience Hub (DXH), part of the Optimizely Digital Experience Platform (DXP), provides a set of pre-built connectors to leading marketing automation and analytics platforms.

The following marketing automation platforms are supported:

  • [Connect for Acoustic (Silverpop)](🔗)

  • [Connect for Delivra](🔗)

  • [Connect for Eloqua](🔗)

  • [Connect for HubSpot](🔗)

  • [Connect for Marketo](🔗)

  • [Connect for Microsoft Dynamics CRM](🔗)

  • [Connect for Pardot](🔗)

  • [Connect for Salesforce](🔗)

  • [Connect for Salesforce Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget)](🔗)

Like other add-ons, you install the marketing automation connectors for your project as [NuGet packages from Visual Studio](🔗). See the [documentation for each marketing automation connector](🔗), for information about specific configuration and setup details.

## Documentation videos

  • [Personalization with Eloqua](🔗)  

  • [Personalization with HubSpot](🔗)  

  • [Personalization with Marketo](🔗)