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The database mode configuration has two options: ReadWrite and ReadOnly.

## ReadWrite mode

The ReadWrite mode is the default mode and the application works as normal.

## ReadOnly mode

In the ReadOnly mode, the application can only load data from the database. The saving and updating operations by `EPiServer.Data.IDatabaseHandler` throw exceptions, which is why some modules are disabled or work differently. The following modules and functions are affected in the ReadOnly mode:

  • Scheduler Service is disabled.

  • Model synch is disabled.

  • Indexing of content is disabled.

  • User, role and claims synch are disabled.

  • Automatic database updating throws exception if updating is needed.

  • Statistics Logger is disabled.

  • Saving web.config file into database is disabled.

## Configuration

You can configure the database mode by the `databaseMode `attribute on the **episerver.dataStore** section or by the `episerver:DatabaseMode` setting under the **appSettings ** section.

Example of setting ReadOnly mode by **appsetting.json** section:

Example of setting the ReadOnly mode by **episerver.dataStore** section:

Example of setting ReadOnly mode by **appsetting** section:

## Find Database mode by code

Use the `IDatabaseMode` to find and detect the database mode by code:

## Access Protected Module in the ReadOnly mode

By default, `HttpException` returns status code 503 when accessing a protected module in the ReadOnly mode. You can override this behavior by monitoring the `AccessPath` event.