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To succeed with your projects as an Optimizely developer, you should have a good understanding in these areas:

  • [HTML](🔗) and [CSS](🔗)

  • C#

  • [ASP.NET Core](🔗)

  • A good IDE like [Microsoft Visual Studio](🔗) or [Visual Studio Code](🔗)

  • [NuGet software installation](🔗)

  • [Microsoft SQL Server](🔗)

To build the best possible solution to support editors, you should also have a good understanding of how editors work in Optimizely, and how to use the Optimizely user interface. See [Optimizely user interface](🔗).

If you plan to host your Optimizely solution in the cloud, knowledge of [Microsoft Azure and its components](🔗) is valuable to get the most out of your cloud investment. You can also use the [Optimizely Digital Experience Platform (DXP)](🔗) to manage your customer solutions.