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## VisitorGroupCriterion settings localization

If you want to localize either `DisplayName``Category`, or `Description` when adding the `VisitorGroupCriterion` attribute, set the `LanguagePath` property. The property indicates a location in the language files, where the Optimizely Content Management System (CMS) looks for matching keys. If either `DisplayName``Category`, or `Description` keys are found, the translation is used in the user interface.

## Client-side localization

If you need translated string on the client, you have to register the string you need in the `createUI` method, which can look similar to the following code:

## Enumeration localization

If you use the `EnumSelectionFactory` and want the names translated, add matching keys under the enumerators part of the language files. For an `enum` called `EPiServer.Sample.Criteria.Answer`, the keys can look similar to the following code: