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Examples are written for the Projects feature (aka Project Mode).


An `enum`, `ProjectStatus`, used by the "old" project gadget, is not documented here. For example, the List method has an overload that takes this parameter. You should not use `ProjectStatus` because it is being phased out.

Currently, there is no public API for programmatically creating comments and custom notifications on projects.

## Create a project


The examples here use `ServiceLocator.Current` to access DI container. In "real" code, you should take in the dependencies through a constructor instead.

  • Create a project and save it.

  • There are a couple of static events for saving and deleting project and items that can be listened to.

  • Create project items.


## Access projects

  • Get a specific project.

  • List projects

    • List all projects.

    • Or get a paged list.

  • Get a specific project item.

  • List project items

    • List all project items.

    • Or get a paged list.

    • Or only projects of a specific category.

  • You also can send in a list of content and get all project items that matches that list.

  • To get the **projectIds** of the currently active projects, use the IProjectResolver.


## Update a project

  • To change the name of a project.

  • To update existing project items and/or adding new, just save the changed/new items.


## Delete a project

  • To delete a project, call **Delete**.

  • When you delete project item(s), send in the IDs of the items to `DeleteItems`.

  • Delete all project items for a project.


## Publish a project

  • Get a `ProjectPublisher`.

  • Publish a project.

  • To delay the publishing of a project, use the `DateTime` overload.

  • Publish a project without checking access rights, for example in a scheduled job, use a method that takes an `AccessLevel` and send in `NoAccess` to skip the access check.

  • To reactivate a project that was published.

  • You can publish a subset of a project by sending in a list of project items.


## Work with projects and content

  • Check if a content item is in a project.

  • Check if a content item is in a project with any version.

  • Check if a content item is part of a project.

  • To get the projects that are connected to a list of content.

  • Use `ProjectLoaderOptions` to load content with versions found in projects rather than loading the published version.