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The global search in the global menu of Optimizely Content Management System (CMS) features search functionality by aggregating results from several search providers. You can search any type of content, and each provider reports results based on a specific category, such as pages, blog posts, or files.

For CMS, the following search providers are included:

  • `PageSearchProvider` searches for CMS pages (including page content).

  • `FileSearchProvider` searches for CMS documents.

  • `BlockSearchProvider` searches for blocks.

## [SearchProvider] attribute

To add a custom search provider, configure your assembly as a shell module (see [Configuring Shell modules](🔗). Next, implement the `ISearchProvider` interface and decorate the class with the `[SearchProvider]` attribute.

### Properties

  • `Area` prioritizes search providers in the current area such that search providers for the CMS area are placed first when performing a search from the edit and admin interfaces.

  • `Category` is a display name in the user interface.

### Methods

  • Search returns an enumeration of results for the given query.

### Example