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## Platform

Optimizely Content Management System (CMS) consists of the Optimizely framework with a core user interface, CMS and Optimizely Customized Commerce for content management and e-commerce, and other modules supporting marketing automation and social interaction features. The Optimizely Application (app, sometimes called add-on) Store contains a broad selection of ready-to-use apps to extend the functionality of a solution, and you also can build your own custom apps. 

Optimizely has an open and layered architecture, allowing for almost any type of integration using standard technology. 

  • **Optimization layer** – Measures, analyzes and optimizes the performance of website content, such as conversion rates for a campaign landing page.

  • **Delivery layer** – Includes support for responsive design and templates based on Web Forms and MVC, and also support for building advanced search and filtering features.

  • **Creation layer** – Manages content such as pages and blocks, or e-commerce content such as products and orders. Content can be personalized, and can also be part of an approval workflow with authorization applied.

  • **Data layer** – Provides the information from one or more content providers (which can originate from the database) and external data sources that are integrated with Optimizely .

## CMS

CMS provides core features for content and presentation management:

  • Typed model for content types

  • Built-in components supporting both MVC and Web Forms

  • Administration and edit views

  • Projects and multi-publishing

  • Publishing workflow

  • Globalization support

  • Friendly URL management

  • Version management

## Technical foundation

  • Microsoft .NET Framework and ASP.NET

  • JavaScript and Dojo toolkit

CMS has a web solution toolkit, with sample templates and a plug-in for Visual Studio to get your website development project quickly up and running.