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You can create a command plugin for the global toolbar in the Optimizely Content Management System (CMS) user interface. To add commands to the global toolbar, create a Command Provider for the toolbar and add it to the global command registry. The global command registry maps command providers against keys.

## Create a command provider for the global toolbar

The following example shows how to create a provider that adds three commands to the areas inside the global toolbar.

The following code shows the test commands:

For the system to find your command provider, you must register it in the global command registry:

To initialize your command provider, see [Adding a module initializer](🔗). See the example of an initializer at [episerver/alloy-mvc-template](🔗).

You can find a working example of all described components on our [Alloy MVC on GitHub](🔗).

Clone the repository, check out branch **doc/global-toolbar-provider **and run the site. You will see the new commands added in the global toolbar.