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To view the complete list of changes, see [the release notes feed](🔗).

Some changes are binary breaking but do not necessarily require code changes but rather just a recompilation of the project. Breaking changes are changes in method signatures or behavior of methods compared to the documented API in the previous version, which are described in this document.

## New NuGet packages

In Optimizely Content Management System (CMS) version 11, some functionality, as for example **TinyMCE**, has been moved to separate NuGet packages. These packages have their own version number and may or may not be upgraded together with the core CMS packages.

**XForms** has also been moved to its own NuGet package. This means that the **Forms viewer gadget**, which was deprecated in CMS 10, is now also removed.

Most upgrades do not require changes to code but require a re-compilation. It is important to have the correct packages installed. A missing package causes compilation errors after upgrading a site. See **[New NuGet packages](🔗)** for which packages you need to manually add.

## Separate NuGet packages for ASP.NET dependencies ([CMS-8106](🔗))

  • The integration with ASP.NET has moved to separate packages _EPiServer.Framework.AspNet_ and _EPiServer.Cms.AspNet_.

  • `EPiServer.MirroringService.MirroringMonitoring.MirroringMonitoringModule` has moved from _EPiServer.Enterprise_ to _EPiServer.Cms.AspNet_. It must be manually changed in _web.config_ for the mirroring module.

  • Usage of StructureMap as IOC container was moved to a separate package, _EPiServer.ServiceLocation.StructureMap_.

  • .NET Framework 4.61 is required.

  • MVC 5.2.3 is required.

  • `CreatePropertyControl` has been removed from `PropertyData`. Use `IPropertyControlFactory` instead to register and create controls for `PropertyData` types.

  • Providers (for example `ContentProvider`, `BlobProvider`) no longer inherit `ProviderBase`. If a provider that supports configuration through _web.config_ has an initialization method with the signature void `Initialize(string name, NameValueCollection config`), it will be called during the initialization phase

  • `IServiceLocator `no longer supports named instances. The specific implementation in `EPiServer.ServiceLocation.StructureMap` supports named instances.

  • Some methods in `IServiceLocator` have been removed from interface and are now extension methods in `EPiServer.ServiceLocation` namespace.

  • `EPiServer.Search.SearchSettings.Config` has been replaced by `EPiServer.Search.SearchSettings.Options`.

  • It is no longer supported to get an `ILogger` instance from IOC container.

  • Calls to logger that occur before `IConfigurableModules` are created, are not guaranteed to be persisted.

  • The setting for logger factories `episerver:LoggerFactoryType` must now always be quailfied with assembly name, even for built-in logger factories.

  • The method `IStringFragment.GetControl` has been removed. Use `IStringFragmentControlResolver` instead to create controls for string fragments.

  • Configuration sections `EPiServerFrameworkSection``StaticFileSection``EPiServerDataStoreSection`, and `SearchSection` have been moved to assembly _EPiServer.Framework.AspNet_.

  • Property `Database` on `DataAccessBase` has been removed and is replaced by the property Executor.

  • `PageData.LinkUrl` no longer contains the query parameter `epslanguage`.

  • `ContentProviders` can no longer use `CacheSettings.Filenames` (previously obsoleted) to set up dependencies to files.

  • `EPiServer.Web.InitializationModule` has been moved to _EPiServer.Cms.AspNet_ assembly and can be used as dependency module for other modules that want to run after Optimizely CMS is initialized when running as a ASP.NET application. There is a new module `EPiServer.Initialization.CmsCoreInitialization` in assembly `EPiServer`. It can be used as dependency module for modules that want to run after CMS Runtime is initialized when running CMS outside ASP.NET context.

  • Previously obsoleted methods Rebase/MakeRelative on type EPiServer.Web.UrlBuilder in assembly `EPiServer` have been moved to extensions method defined in assembly _EPiServer.Cms.AspNet_. Type `UrlBuilder.RebaseKind` is also moved to `EPiServer.Web.RebaseKind` in _EPiServer.Cms.AspNet_ assembly.

  • `AccessControlList.Save` has been deprecated and is no longer supported. Use `IContentSecurityRepository` instead.

## Manually and automatically registered templates share the same behavior ([CMS-4161](🔗))

  • Templates registered manually using `ITemplateRepository.AddTemplates` are now associated with the model type for which they are added, rather than the model type indicated through any `IRenderTemplate` interface of the template. This may affect the template selection during runtime, as the model type association is used to decide which template to use when rendering a content item. This change does not affect automatically registered templates, as they are already registered using the type specified by the `IRenderTemplate` interface.

  • The default implementation of `ITemplateRepository.AddTemplates` now checks if a template exists before adding it. If the template is already registered, it does not add another one.

  • The default implementation of `ITemplateRepository.AddTemplates` now makes sure that all template models are read-only before adding them to the repository.

## PropertList<T> ([CMS-7212](🔗))

  • `EPiServer.Core.Transfer.IRawContentRetriever` no longer populates the value of each `RawProperty`. Instead, this is done by calling the `IPropertyExporter.ExportProperties` method.

  • `EPiServer.Core.Transfer.IPropertyImporter` has changed slightly to match the new `IPropertyExporter `interface.

  • `PropertyData.ToRawString()` is no longer called when exporting data. If a Custom `PropertyData` type had previously overridden the `ToRawValue` method, it must now move that functionality to a class that implements `IPropertyExportTransform` and register it with the `Container`.

  • `PropertyJson`-based properties, such as `PropertyList<T>`, no longer rely on `IObjectSerializer` and container-registered `JsonConverters` for their serialization. They now use `Newtonsoft.Json.JsonConvert` directly. This means that `JsonConverters` must be defined as attributes on the classes and properties to which they apply.

## Explicit IVersionable implementation on PageData is removed ([CMS-7700](🔗))

  • `PageData` no longer exposes a separate explicit implementation of `IVersionable.StartPublish` and `IVersionable.StopPublish`.

## Performance improved when loading large amounts of uncached content ([CMS-7735](🔗))

  • `CreateWritableClone` is used to create new instances of content instances when loading from database.

## Target .NET Standard 2 in CMS.Core and Framework ([CMS-8133](🔗))

  • `ThumbnailManager` has been moved to _EPiServer.Cms.AspNet_.

  • `Castle.Core` dependency has been changed to \[4.2.1, 5.0).

  • `Castle.Windsor` dependency has been changed from \[4.1.0, 5.0).

## Scheduled jobs have a shorter default content cache expiration ([CMS-8653](🔗))

  • Content loaded from a database and added to cache by scheduled jobs has a shorter cache expiration (default 1 minute).

## Memory usage optimization: Data class PropertyData does not expose services ([CMS-8659](🔗))

  • `SettingsID` is obsoleted. Use extension method `GetSettingsID` or service `IPropertyDataSettingsHelper` instead.

  • `SettingsContainer` is obsoleted. Use the extension method `GetSettingsContainer` or service `IPropertyDataSettingsHelper` instead.

  • `TranslateDisplayName()/TranslateDescription()` was moved to extension method.

## Other changes

### CMS Core

  • [CMS-7749](🔗) The Provider property is no longer supported, as it is not possible to expose a fully thread-safe IList implementation. 

  • [CMS-7791](🔗) Simple address is now the last registered router.

  • [CMS-6988](🔗) `MoveContentEventArgs.ContentLink` is updated when content is moved between providers.

  • [CMS-9129](🔗) Unsupported HostType's Service, Installer, VisualStudio have been obsoleted.

### CMS UI

  • [CMS-1130](🔗) The `UIHint.BlockFolder` and `UIHint.MediaFolder` have been obsoleted and are replaced by `UIHint.AssetsFolder`.

  • [CMS-1252](🔗) Error message now displayed when updating partially rendered content.

  • [CMS-6217](🔗) Content repository descriptor keys are now not case sensitive.

  • [CMS-6815](🔗) `IContentChangeManager.Move(IContent source, IContent destination, bool createAsLocalAsset)` now returns the `ContentReference` of the moved content instead of void. This adds support for the scenario where content is assigned a new `ContentLink` value when it is moved between different content providers.

  • [CMS-8229](🔗) `ApplicationUIUserManager<TUser>.ResetPassword(IUIUser user)` now throws a not supported exception. This is due to the fact that ASP.NET Identity does not support generating new passwords for security reasons. Use the new method `ResetPassword(IUIUser user, string newPassword)` instead.

  • [CMS-8802](🔗) The deprecated _datetime.js_ methods `serialize()` and `deserialize()` have been removed.

  • [CMS-8816](🔗) The deprecated slash method has been removed from epi/string.

  • [CMS-8817](🔗) _epi-cms/widget/HierarchicalList_ has been replaced by _epi-cms/asset/HierarchicalList_.

  • [CMS-8830](🔗) The deprecated property `SiteDefinitionResolver` on `ContentSearchProviderBase` has been removed. Use `SiteResolver` instead.

  • [CMS-8832](🔗) The deprecated `EPiServer.Shell.Web.Mvc.Html.DojoExtensions` has been removed, use `.ConfigureDojo` instead.

  • `DateTime` properties on the visitor group criterion model are serialized to ISO 8601 when being sent to the client.

  • The `MissingConfigurationException` now inherits directly from `Exception`.

  • The `UIHint.LongString` has been obsoleted and should be replaced with `UIHint.Textarea`.

  • Properties which use LegacyPropertyEditorDescriptor should be explicitly annotated with `UIHint.Legacy`.

  • Obsoleted constructors are removed where there are public constructors available that can be used instead.

  • Obsoleted properties have been removed from `PropertyUpdateResult``ComponentContainer``ContentSearchProviderBase`, and `CmsModuleViewModel`.

  • Obsoleted classes `ZipFileVirtualPathProvider` and `SecurityEntityUtility` have been removed.

  • Obsoleted methods have been removed from `UIDescriptorRegistry`.

  • `_GrigWidgetBase` now emits `selectionChanged` when deselecting row. Previously, it was triggered only when a row was selected.

  • The obsoleted delegate `DependencyGetter` has been removed.

  • The obsoleted methods `watchModelChange` and `unwatchModelChange` in `epi/shell/_Command` has been changed from public to internal.

  • The class `ContentReferenceStore` that was available by epi.cms.contentreferences key is now obsoleted.

## Manual changes required to legacy feature Mirroring

An updated DLL is available in the _EPiServer.CMS.Core_ NuGet package (_packages/EPiServer.CMS.AspNet.11.1.0/tools/MirroringService/_), which you must manually patch when upgrading.


  • EPiServer.MirroringService.MirroringTransferProtocol.WCF.MirroringTransferClient,EPiServer.Enterprise to EPiServer.MirroringService.MirroringTransferProtocol.WCF.MirroringTransferClient,EPiServer.Cms.AspNet 

  • EPiServer.Security.WindowsMembershipProvider,EPiServer to  EPiServer.Security.WindowsMembershipProvider, EPiServer.Cms.AspNet in _web.config_.