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To view the complete list of changes, see the [release notes feed](🔗).

Some changes are binary breaking but do not necessarily require code changes but rather just a recompilation of the project. Breaking changes are changes in method signatures or behavior of methods compared to the documented API in the previous version, which are described in this document.

## The new ".Internal" namespaces

One of the bigger changes is that all APIs have been reviewed to find internal implementation classes and that those have been moved to internal namespaces. You can see exactly which APIs are affected in these stories: **[CMS-3762](🔗) (Episerver CMS Core)** and **[CMS-3755](🔗) (Episerver CMS UI).** Read more about these changes in [Henrik Nyström's blog post](🔗).

## Event system

The event system (used primarily for communication between instances in a load-balanced environment) will no longer guarantee that events are being processed in sequential order one at a time. Code that uses the event system should be reviewed for thread-safety and cannot rely on the order in which events arrive to the event listener. Implementors of custom event providers should also be aware that SendMessage calls are now longer guaranteed to run in a separate thread and should therefor take precautions to ensure optimal performance.

## Remove support for legacy dot notation for dojo modules

We are removing the support for the legacy dot notation for dojo modules, for example, _epi-cms.editing.ContentPicker_. This means that you need to change all EditorDescriptors, Components etc where you have defined your Dojo modules using the . to /. Read more **[CMS-2295](🔗)** and in [Ben McKernan's blog post](🔗).

## EPiServer.Shell moved to EPiServer.CMS.UI.Core

EPiServer.Shell.dll has been moved from NuGet package EPiServer.Framework to EPiServer.CMS.UI.Core. If you have both packages installed, no change is required. Read more in [CMS-1380](🔗).

**Note:** If you get an error message saying _Value cannot be null.Parameter name: virtualPath\]in EPiServer.Shell.ShellInitialization.WaitForInitializeModules()..._, remove the EPiServer.Shell.dll from the site bin folder. This may happen for sites that do not have the EPiServer.CMS.UI.Core installed, for example Commerce Manager.

## Converting database to UTC a required step

Running the database with local date and time will no longer be supported ([CMS-1449](🔗)). A database that is not converted to UTC will throw an exception to avoid any data loss caused by mixing local and UTC date and time. Conversion can be done before upgrading for versions 9.1 or later, for example using the provided PowerShell scripts, see [Storing UTC date and time in the database](🔗) for more details. A setting can be added to the **appSettings** section of **web.config** to disable the exception if the site temporarily have to be started without doing the conversion, add _episerver:DisableDateTimeKindValidation_ with value _true_.

### **More breaking changes in UI:**

  • [CMS-4925](🔗) Objects of type epi.\_Dependency can no longer be created

  • [CMS-1202](🔗) GetContentByPermanentLinkQuery will always return the content without work id

  • [CMS-2710](🔗) Dialog now has destroyOnHide:true by default

  • [CMS-4319](🔗) The value of enum ExtendedVersionStatus.Expired have changed

  • [CMS-1150](🔗) Calling watchModelChange and unwatchModelChange on \_Command.js has been deprecated

### **More breaking changes in Core:**

  • [CMS-4110](🔗) The event args in the post event MovedContent will now contain the content loaded after the move

  • [CMS-3852](🔗) ContentStore methods for saving data has been removed

  • [CMS-3756](🔗) IAvailableModelSettingsRepository method signature changes

  • [CMS-3763](🔗) ContentScannerExtension method signature changes

  • [CMS-3166](🔗) ContentSearchHandler changed to an abstract class

  • [CMS-3131](🔗) LocalizationService now returns fallback language before fallback defined in code

  • [CMS-1197](🔗) LanguageBranch now implements IReadOnly and LanguageBranch.URLSegment will now return the LanguageID if not set to a custom value

  • [CMS-1320](🔗) Browsing to expired page will now return a 404

  • [CMS-1266](🔗) No longer allowed to have the wildcard host as the only host for any given language

  • [CMS-2078](🔗) Align status transitions, events and required access rights when saving

  • [CMS-3824](🔗) UrlSegment have been replaced with IUrlSegmentCreator/IUrlSegmentLocator/IUrlSegmentGenerator

  • [CMS-3823](🔗) SiteDefinitionRepository and SiteDefinitionResolver have been replaced with ISiteDefinitionRepository and ISiteDefinitionResolver

  • [CMS-3090](🔗) Added validation of virtual content type properties defined on interfaces

  • [CMS-3153](🔗) IContentVersionRepository List methods have been consolidated into one. PageVersion is obsoleted.

  • [CMS-3449](🔗) PropertyResolver changed to an abstract class

  • [CMS-3530](🔗) New method ImportProperties introduced on IContentTransfer

  • [CMS-3591](🔗) HostDefinitionExtensions.FirstOfType return wildcard host last

  • [CMS-3764](🔗) AdministrationSettingsService is replaced with IAdministrationSettingsService

  • [CMS-3854](🔗) Extended IContentEvents with events RequestingApproval and RequestedApproval

  • [CMS-3859](🔗) Create a new language branch of a non-localized content should not be possible

  • [CMS-3860](🔗) GetDefault when content implements ILocale but now ILocalizable will not set language

  • [CMS-1206](🔗) IContentVersionRepository.Delete method will now throw an exception when a version cannot be deleted

  • [CMS-3982](🔗) New event ContentSecuritySaving added to IContentSecurityRepository

  • [CMS-3983](🔗) Event args type changed on ContentLanguageSettingRepository

  • [CMS-3987](🔗) PropertyDate.Date/PageData.StartPublish/PageData.StopPublish are now nullable

  • [CMS-4167](🔗) ContentCoreData.StartPublish/StopPublish properties are now nullable

  • [CMS-3812](🔗) Empty properties have been changed to work more like standard .NET properties

  • [CMS-3991](🔗) Methods removed from IPermanentLinkMapper

  • [CMS-4149](🔗) Experimental setting UseLegacyValueType from EPiServer 7 to return legacy value types has been removed

  • [CMS-2807](🔗) ContentLanguageSettings have been replaced with IContentLanguageSettings and ContentLanguageSettingsResolver

  • [CMS-4445](🔗) Delay publish job is now impersonating the user that scheduled the publish

  • [CMS-4537](🔗) IScheduledJobStatusService.ReportExecutedJob method signature changed

  • [CMS-4219](🔗) PropertyLinkCollection no longer inherits PropertyXhtmlString. It is now a direct base class to PropertyLongString.