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PowerSlice is also useful for content that does not naturally fit into a hierarchical structure, for example news articles and blog posts.

## Requirements

  • No additional license fee for the add-on.

  • An Optimizely Content Management System (CMS) installation with Optimizely Search & Navigation.

  • See [Add-ons platform compatibility](🔗) for package and version information. 

## Install PowerSlice .NET 5

  1. Install _Episerver.Find_ 14+.

  2. Install _Episerver.Find.Cms_ 14+.

  3. Install PowerSlice.

  4. Add to _appsettings.json_.

  5. Add to _startup.cs_.

  6. Add example slice.

  7. Run the following command: **Find Indexing Schedule Job**

## Install previous versions of PowerSlice

  • Source code [download](🔗) from GitHub.

## Documentation

  • [PowerSlice resources on GitHub](🔗)