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The Full-text Search Service applies to Optimizely Content Management System (CMS 11) and is not supported on Optimizely Digital Experience Platform (DXP) and other cloud service deployments. It is a legacy feature that will be removed in future versions.

**This section is not supported for ASP.NET Core-based applications.**

CMS stores information about CMS content (pages and blocks) in a searchable index. To find items in the index, compose search queries from different subqueries. The following samples show how you can search in that index.

**How to search for pages**

**How to search for files**

### CMS types are stored in the index

CMS stores types in the index by mapping values from the objects onto an `IndexRequestItem`, which is then sent to the indexing service. `PageData` and `VersioningFile` are two of the most common indexed CMS types that are stored in the index.

When you store a `PageData` in the index, its properties are mapped to the fields on the index request item in the following way.

IndexRequestItem itemPageData pageColumn Title
item.ItemTypeA comma separated list of the type of the page, and any inherited types
item.DisplayTextContent from all searchable properties on the page
item.AccessControlListpage.ACL, but only with regards to read access
item.VirtualPathNodesThe ancestors to the page, ordered with the oldest first
item.ItemStatusAlways approved

When you store a `VersioningFile` in the index, its properties are mapped to the fields in the index the following way.

IndexRequestItem itemVersioningFile file
item.Urifile.PermanentLinkVirtualPath or file.VirtualPath
item.Categoriesfile.Summary.Category split by character ','
item.ItemStatusAlways approved
item.Metadatafile.Name without extension and all values from file.Summary.Dictionary
item.AccessControlListAll users and roles with read access from file.Parent.ACL
item.VirtualPathNodesThe guid of each parent directory ending with file.Guid
item.DisplayTextThe content of the file, if required IFilter is installed