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The [**Optimizely App Marketplace**](🔗) is a source for customers to find additional solutions - applications, integrations, and connectors to Optimizely, that broaden the digital experience into a complete solution. 

Marketplace includes the following types of apps and integrations:  

  • **Third-Party MarTech & Back-office Connectors** Apps that exchange data between Optimizely and third-party systems, or allow third-party systems to operate within the Optimizely environment, either on the presentation or application, or data tiers.

  • **Presentation Layer** **Apps** Apps that add JavaScript or tags to the HTML presentation layer of Optimizely CMS and Commerce websites.  

  • **Embedded Apps** Apps that add new capabilities to the Optimizely editor UI, or enhance existing capabilities within the platform.  

## Listing options

The options below are available for listing apps and integrations.

**Optimizely verified app:**

  • Apps or integrations that are integrated into the code of an Optimizely customer’s website. 

  • Can be put into a NuGet package.

  • Includes documented test cases and associated support documentation.

  • Complies with Optimizely security, user interface, and integration standards.

  • Quality assurance is done by the tech partner.  

**Optimizely certified integration:** 

  • Integrations that use Optimizely's publically available APIs or JavaScript on a site.

  • Does not directly integrate into the code of a customer’s website.

  • Certified by design review with the Optimizely Marketplace team, and showing a demonstration capability of the integrated solution.

## Join Marketplace

[Complete this form to apply](🔗) for the Optimizely App Marketplace program.