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SignalR is used by some of the Optimizely apps, such as [Live Monitor](🔗).


If you get errors about SignalR not being set up correctly when you start the Episerver user interface in the JavaScript console, clear the .NET temporary files.

Configure SignalR as follows:

  1. If you are using Visual Studio 2012, ensure that .NET Framework 4.5.1 (or later) and the developer pack are installed.

  2. In Visual Studio, do the following steps in a project file, such as _Alloy.csproj_: a. Right-click the project and select **Properties**. b. Change _Target framework_ to **.NET Framework 4.5.1 or later**. c. Save the project as solution, for example, _Alloy.sln_.

  3. Install the _Microsoft.AspNet.SignalR_ package from _NuGet.org_, or go to Visual Studio > **Tools****NuGet Package Manager** > **Package Manager Console**, and run the command:

  4. Open _web.config_ and add the following lines:


    The `newVersion` is the real version value of running assemblies on the website. For example, for Microsoft.Owin, for Microsoft.AspNet. SignalR.Core might not be running on your website.

  5. Add the following line in _web.config_ under **appSettings**:

  6. Rebuild the solution and refresh the website. Ensure the website runs as normal.

  7. Log in to the website and go to **Add-ons** (applications) and install the [Live Monitor](🔗).

  8. Restart the website.

  9. Open _web.config_ again, and change the following line under **appSettings**:




    This example shows configuration for Content Collaboration. For LiveMonitor, the startup value is `EPiServerLiveMonitorOWINStartup`.

## OWIN start up and optimizeCompilations


The OWIN startup needs a class. To set up a start-up class, see [OWIN authentication](🔗).

If your project previously did not have an OWIN startup class, and `optimizeCompilations` was enabled, then sometimes the new code is not executed, which may result in errors because the OWIN functionality is not set up. To work around this, temporarily set `optimizeCompilations` in _web.config_ to **false** to clear the cache, start the site, and then you can set `optimizeCompilations` to **true** again.