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## Synchronize content

[Synchronize](🔗) content types and content from the site, for the GraphQL API to work using the provided access key, See also [Installation and configuration](🔗).

## Access the API endpoint

Access the GraphQL API through the URL [https://cg.optimizely.com/content/v2?auth={_singlekey_}](🔗). Use the _singlekey_ you received when your account was created.

## Access interactive GraphiQL page

When accessing the GraphQL API through the provided endpoint, you can also try Content Graph through the GraphiQL page [https://cg.optimizely.com/app/graphiql?auth={_singlekey_}](🔗), which is a built-in tool for the GraphQL integrated development environment; useful when working with queries.

## Work with the GraphQL schema

See [GraphQL schema](🔗) for how to work with the generated schema.