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Troubleshoot DXP

Describes general service monitoring and how to enable debugging, logging, and detailed error messages for troubleshooting solutions based on the Optimizely Digital Experience Platform (DXP).



You should debug code only in the Integration environment. You should debug in the Preproduction/Production environments only when absolutely necessary. Contact Optimizely to submit a support ticket for remote debugging.

Check service status

Visit the Microsoft Azure Status dashboard for general service operation information. See the Optimizely service dashboard for Optimizely-specific operational status.

Access Azure Portal

Contact Optimizely to get access to your DXP-specific resources in the Azure portal, so that you can monitor and troubleshoot your solutions. When logged in, the Azure portal will display information as in the example below.

Kudu services tool and log information

Azure websites have an associated "scm" service site, where you can run site extension tools. For DXP, the Kudu services tool is available with your access to the Azure Portal.

To access the service tool, you add an "scm" segment to the environment site URL, for example:


The service tool lets you download the current docker logs or get access to the log stream.