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Removing HTML tags

Describes how to remove HTML tags prior to indexing of objects in Optimizely Search & Navigation, so that the HTML markup is not displayed in the search results.

In most situations where content to be indexed contains HTML tags, remove the tags before indexing. If you do not, HTML markup is returned in search results.

Example of removing HTML tags from a specific RemoveHtmlTagsWhenIndexing attribute found in the EPiServer.Find.Json namespace:

using EPiServer.Find.Json;

public class WithStringProperty
    public string Title { get; set; }

    public string Content { get; set; }

You also can customize the Client conventions to remove HTML tags from string fields:


To remove HTML tags from a specific field when indexing a particular type, use the ForType and Field methods:

  .Field(x => x.Content).StripHtml();

The StripHtml method also performs HTML decoding. The goals are to index the text that users see when viewing the page and to be able to find that content.

For example, the Swedish text Jag gillar äpplen is stored as Jag gillar äpplen, and is decoded back when indexing. This means a user can find the text using a query like äpplen.