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Personalized Search & Navigation 2 breaking changes

Describes the breaking changes for Optimizely Personalized Search & Navigation 2.0 in relation to the previous major version 1.

Version 2.0 of Optimizely Personalized Search & Navigation adds support for EPiServer.Personalization 2.0. See EPiServer.Personalization breaking changes.

Because of breaking changes from EPiServer.Personalization, EPiServer.Find.Personalization does not provide settings related to the Personalization service. EPiServer.Personalization provides all settings. See Use scopes in a multisite installation.

API changes


The following properties and fields were removed from the RefreshPreferenceCommand:

  • BaseApiUrl
  • ClientToken
  • Site

To access these settings in the new version, look at the RefreshPreferenceCommand's ScopeConfiguration property. This ScopeConfiguration instance contains the properties listed above.


The following properties and fields were removed from IPersonalizationClientConventions:

  • BaseApiUrl
  • ClientToken
  • Site

If you need to get these properties and fields in any custom implementation using the new version, implement the GetPersonalizationConfiguration property. This property is a function that returns a PersonalizationConfiguration instance that has the GetConfiguration(scope) and GetConfiguration() methods. These methods return a ScopeConfiguration instance that contains the properties listed above. See Using scopes in a multisite installation.

Configuration changes

See Personalization.Commerce 2.0 breaking changes and Personalization.Commerce 3.0 breaking changes