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Breaking changes for Find 13

Breaking changes for Episerver Find in relation to version 12, and the steps needed to update affected code.

List of changes

  • EPiServer.Find.Api.Facets.NestedFacetExtensions was removed. Use EPiServer.Find.NestedFacetExtensions (available since Find 12).
  • EPiServer.Find.Api.Querying.Filters.NestedFilterExtensions was removed. Use EPiServer.Find.NestedFilterExtensions (available since Find 12).
  • All index operations have been removed from the EPiServer.Find.Api-namespace (CreateIndex/DeleteIndex/IndicesExists*). Any use of index operations is blocked by the Find backend (and always has been).
  • ISearchContext.Language was renamed ContentLanguage.
  • ISearchContext.Analyzer was added.

Reindex the site

The language routing changes make it necessary to re-index the site after upgrading to Find 13.