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Objects and fields

Data in Optimizely Data Platform (ODP) is stored in collections called objects (also known as a database table). Objects are composed of fields. Fields allow storing custom metadata on any ODP object. See also Objects and Fields in Understand ODP.

Update a field on an object

Call the object() method to update your field value on an object.

For example, suppose there is already a zendesk_tickets object in ODP, the following code sample shows how to update the status to open on that ticket.

  type: "zendesk_tickets", 
  {ticket_id: "12345", status: "open"}

The following example shows how to update multiple tickets at once:

  type: "zendesk_tickets",[
    {ticket_id: "12345", status: "open"}, 
    {ticket_id: "56789", status: "closed"}