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This topic describes how to update customer information and identifiers with the Optimizely Data Platform (ODP) React Native SDK.

Customers are central to ODP's operation. See Customers to find out more about how they are managed.

Updating Customer Information

In order for ODP to operate, it is important to make sure that it is operating with the most relevant information it can. You can use Zaius.customer() to make sure you have good information about a Customer.

        ... // identifiers
        ... // attributes

Identifiers are explained below.

Attributes are bits of information about the customer, like first/last name, phone number, gender, etc.

Updating Customer Identifiers

ODP will use all information available to it in order to coalesce events into a single customer record when possible. You can improve this process by adding identifying information directly. This is done with Zaius.identify()


The content of the document is fairly freeform but will automatically have the VUID generated for this user included. This document can include other fields, like an email address that is more fully documented in the Customers section of this guide.

This function call is effectively the same as Zaius.customer({...}, {}).

One of the ways ODP maintains a customer's identity through various email, name, phone number, etc. changes is by using a unique identifier called the VUID. This value is maintained internally and is sent automatically with all requests. The VUID is not normally visible to end-users. The VUID is not even directly important to the users of the SDK except to know that it exists and that it is used to identify customers across account updates.

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