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Advanced push notifications

How to configure more advanced features of push notifications to your mobile device for an Optimizely Data Platform (ODP) campaign.

Push Notifications are capable of more behaviors than simply notifying the user in a standard way. You can specify custom sounds and custom icons for your notifications to use when displaying to the user.

Custom Notification Sounds

You will need to create a sound for your notification and save it in MP3 format. Remember not to make the sound too long. Then follow the instructions for your platform:


  1. Add the MP3 of the sound to the Xcode project at the root level.
  2. Modify the Custom Sound attribute in the "iOS Settings" of ODP Campaign using the full name of the sound (for example, bell.mp3).


  1. Add the MP3 of the sound to the Android project at:


  2. Under the Android Options, add a key/value pair with the key of soundName and the value of the filename (for example,bell.mp3).

Custom Icons

On Android, you can specify custom icons in a manner similar to specifying sounds. Place appropriately sized images into the correct folders under <project>/android/app/src/main/res.


Then give the ODP campaign a new field named largeIcon with the name of the image (but without the extension, for example, icon instead of icon.png).

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