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[EPiServer.Find.Commerce](🔗) has an event listener that listens for events trigged by the Optimizely Customized Commerce Framework API. The event listener gets typed content for the catalog/node/entry that was added/changed/deleted, and updates the index. You can disable the event listener by setting the appsettings value of episerver:FindIndexCatalogContent to **false**.

Enable the event listener for front-end and edit servers, to listen for remote events coming from the Commerce Admin user interface [Commerce Manager in version 13 and lower]. By itself, this does not index typed content because it does not have the types defined in any assembly. Instead, it sends events when something changes, and the front-end server or edit server (with the listener enabled) then indexes typed content of the correct type.


The Service API indexes the typed content if the configuration file episerver:FindIndexCatalogContent setting is set to **true**.