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This content does not apply to Commerce versions 14+.

Commerce Manager has a very specific folder structure. Understanding this structure helps you modify existing subsystems and create and integrate new ones.

## Basic structure

The basic structure is as follows:

  • **Apps** – Root folder that contains all Commerce Manager Systems administration screens, such as _Catalog System_, _Order System_, and so on.

    • **\[SystemName\]** – Folder name of the system, such as _Catalog_ for the _Catalog System_; files related to that system are stored there.

      • **\[SystemName\].config** – Application configuration file that defines all views for the system.

      • **Config** – Configuration folder.

      • **View** – Folder with views; may contain any number of subfolders.

        • **\[ViewName\].xml** – Specific view description for any view.

      • **Settings.config**

      • **Permissions.config** – Defines permissions for module.

For example: