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Rounding is complex because different currencies use different numbers of decimal places.

The following methods return a value with the correct number of decimals, which is determined by the input currency.

  • Currency.Round()

  • Currency.Percentage()

  • Money.Round()

Do not use Math.Round() for rounding. For example, do _not_ use the following code.

If you currently use Math.Round, replace it like this.

## Calculate and round an order total

After rounding, use the rounded value for all further totals. For example, here is the correct way to add a number.

## Calculate taxes

To get an order‘s correctly-rounded tax amount, do not use the tax amount of individual items. Instead, follow this example.

In the above code, saleTaxesAmount is returned with a rounded value.


Do not use billingCurrency.Percentage(itemPriceWithoutTax, x.Percentage) in other situations