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Events are raised when changes are made to prices and inventories, which trigger the indexing of updated content.

## Price updated event from custom price service

The default price service, PriceServiceDatabase, raises an event when a price is changed. This lets _EPiServer.Find.Commerce_ re-index the variant content with updated prices.

Modify a custom price service to re-index variant contents when a price is updated.

  1. Add a dependency to Mediachase.Commerce.Engine.Events.CatalogKeyEventBroadcaster in the service.

  2. Call OnPriceUpdated(priceValues, new PriceUpdateEventArgs(catalogKeys)) on the CatalogKeyEventBroadcaster instance when a price has been added, updated or removed. catalogKeys is an IEnumerable<CatalogKey> that works as a reference to variants to which the prices belong.

## Inventory updated event from custom inventory service

The default inventory service, InventoryDatabase, raises an event when an inventory is changed. This makes it possible for [EPiServer.Find.Commerce](🔗) to re-index variant content with updated inventory information.

A custom inventory service needs to be modified to make it possible to reindex variant contents when an inventory is updated.

  1. Add a dependency to Mediachase.Commerce.Engine.Events.CatalogKeyEventBroadcaster in the service.

  2. Call OnInventoryUpdated(inventory, new InventoryUpdateEventArgs(catalogKeys)) on the CatalogKeyEventBroadcaster instance when an inventory is added/updated/removed. The catalogKeys is an IEnumerable<CatalogKey> that works as a reference to the variants to which the inventories belong.

    If the inventory is deleted, the event has an empty list of inventory, and a list of catalogkeys of deleted inventory.